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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 16, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> two young children are found dead inside a delaware home their mother is questioned, while authorities are awaiting results on just how the children died. police say mother made the initial 911 call. hello, everyone aim ukee washington. i'm quick kill brewer jessica dean is on assignment. children were found dead inside a home on the 800 block of west ninth street in wilmington. "eyewitness news" report's leash a nieves is live at the scene with what was learned so far, leash a? >> reporter: well, ukee and nicole, two boys found dead in the home just behind me they were brothers, police say one was five years old, other just a few months old, now their death has the community shocked while police try to search for answers and they are start ago this search wye trying to get some answers from the children's mother. police in delaware at 2:00 in the afternoon held up a white sheet with the bod irv two children were removed from this home and police and medical examiner's van. authorities were initially called to the home on west ninth street in wilmington at
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8:30 in the morning. call came from the children's mother, authorities won't say what she told police, but that first officers on the scene, thought they were simply doing a quote, well-being check. >> the buses, met the mother outside and at the location, and actually saw two children that were deceased. >> reporter: there was a strong smell of gas coming from the home, so strong that officers had to pull back and evacuate building. but despite gas concern that at this point in the investigation, it appears that two little boys who lived here may have died from something else. >> right now we believe, and there were reports and what we're looking at is the children looked like they might have been drowned. >> reporter: at this point wilmington police chief did say mother is believed to be only one who was with the two little boys. >> speaking with the mother to find out details of what happened with these children, and trying to gather witnesses and, as early in this investigation police are not calling the mother a suspect
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in, part because they are not officially calling this a homicide investigation. although police chief did caveat that by saying he expect to be become, coming up at 6:00 we have talk to neighbors around here who saw the mother with the two children recently. they tell us what they saw. reporting live from wilmington alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> alycia, thank you. search continues for 14 year-old girl who police say is a victim of human traffic king. hanna jones have florence township was last seen saturday night in south philadelphia. police arrested a man she was traveling with but hanna got away. coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 reporter greg argos tells us what police are doing to find that teenager and he latest on the man who faces charges in connection with the case. dump track in vacant lots is a big problem that plaques many cities and philadelphia is no exception but philadelphia councilman said he has had enough with illegal dumping so he is taking action "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh joins us from north
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philadelphia with the details, neat a. >> reporter: ukee, this is a major problem, the streets department tells me that fiscal year 2016 it received more than 15,000 requests to clean up dumping sites like this one at a cost of $240,000 to taxpayers. here you can see mattresses, tires, every day trash, sit officials say enough is enough >> it is definitely, an issue. >> reporter: see it in vacant lots on sidewalks, under bridges, mounds of trash dumped and abandon. it is a site that she has gotten used to around philadelphia. >> it is upsetting because you always want to take pride in your neighborhood. >> reporter: on a short drive throughout north philadelphia we found piles of furniture, busted tv's, tires and more. >> you see big piles it looks like somebody just did their spring cleaning, and just, dumped it, you know on the street. >> reporter: previously if caught fine for short dumping ranged between 100, to $300, not enough to stop offenders this philadelphia councilman
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darren green. >> we don't want to give someone a slap on the wrist but we want to deter people from doing dumping. >> reporter: he introduced a new bill which council just approved. >> now first time fine is thousand dollars, second owe owe even if is $1,500, third owe even if is $2,000. offender will be forced to clean up his mess and then possibly others elsewhere. hope that will result in a cleaner, safer city. >> hopefully because of the pricing up, it should trigger somewhat, someone to say i don't want to pay. that i don't want to get caught and pay that amount. >> reporter: and there are just piles of trash, here, if you have seen an offender dumping trash like you this can report it, a description to philadelphia police, if you just want to report a dumping site like this one reach out to 311, and the councilman says if you cannot get anyone at 311 then you should contact your district council person. live from north philadelphia, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". manhunt continues for gunman who tacked a woman on friday. surveillance video shows
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suspect walking down 23rd street in chester with a rifle moments later authorities say that he robbed and sexually assault aid woman inner 60's in the nearby apartment complex parking lot. if you recognize the suspect, police want to hear from you. police hope you can help them find a man broke in the north philadelphia business last week. surveillance video shows the suspect dropping in, to the j and s schuylkill lounge on the 2400 block of germantown avenue this video fridays last thursday. police say that the suspects got inside by making a hole in the ceiling, however, he didn't take anything from that business, but before taking off. students at john b kelly elementary school in germantown will stays home again tomorrow, as mold clean up continues. the district announced just a short time ago that the school will reopen on wednesday, and officials first announced mold was found in several classrooms last wednesday. and on thursday the school shut down and has been closed ever since. officials blame the building's hvac system for the contamination. students in monroe
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township gloucester county are expected to head back to school tomorrow. all six schools were shut down last week for testing and clean up, air a mold was found at holy glenn elementary. holy glenn and a second school white hall elementary will remain closed until further notice. students affect will be relocated to other schools in the district. local activist are calling for a boycott of this sunday's nfl games. they are called to action comes days after former quarterback colin kaepernick filed a grievance that accuses nfl owners of included to go keep him out of the league. members of the #1022 committee made the boycott announcement outside philadelphia city hall this morning. organizers say that they stand in support of the kaepernick and other nfl players who protested social injustice by kneeling gurge the national anthem. >> we decided to call for a coordinated, national effort so on the sunday games of october 22nd, 2017, we ask for
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all freedom loving, and justice loving citizens of the united states to turn off the nfl. >> the group also called on the public to show their support for the first amendment, this sunday by protesting outside of nfl stadiums, nationwide. president trump says that he had a productive lunchmeat ing with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell at the white house this morning. president need mccann toll get his legislative agenda passed which includes tax and health care reform. president trump and mitch mcconnell appeared together in the rose garden of the white house to declare unity. >> we are probably now just like what we read, we're probably now i think at lee as far as i'm concern closer than ever were. >> reporter: president has been critical of mcconnell in the past blaming him for failing to pass g.o.p. plan to repeal and replace obama care but mr. trump need majority lead tore get tax reform through congress. >> contrary/to what some of you may have reported, we are together, totally on this
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agenda to move america forward >> reporter: president senate outreach included golfing with kentucky senator rand paul and south carolina senator lindsey graham, both of whom he has criticized in the past but it is leader mcconn hole will be one to set at gend a and blank will votes if needed and his job has gotten harder since deave ban on has left the white house. >> this is our war. >> reporter: ban on declared war on mcconnell and republican establishment for failing to support the president's agenda. >> you had a few people that really disappointed us. they really disappointed us. i can understand how steve ban on feels. >> reporter: ban on has threatened to support opponents against three signature republican senators if they don't oust mcconnell as majority leader. following today's lunch, mcconnell revealed he and president are working on budget, tax overhaul and fund billing to address recent hurricane damage. who should be the next governor of new jersey. find out what the candidate to have say this woed, october 18th, jessica dean will be among the moderators
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of the live debate, between republican lieutenant governor kim yan kwan dan owe and, phil murphy. see the debate wednesday night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. thousands of students will be ready for winter, thanks to the auto dealers caring for kid foundation. >> yeah, these little won were super exited to try on their brand new clothes at the pennsylvania convention certainty. they are a monk 8,000 students in the philadelphia school district who received new coats as part of the drive away the cold event. look at those smiles. >> looking sharp. >> fantastic. fire fighters in california, making progress on those wild fires, the latest on what it means for residents at 5:30. plus how can you tell fur little one need glasses, easy signs to look for coming up next. it has been decade, as ireland had a storm this magnitude is what left of hurricane owe feel eyes hitting right now we will take you there, kate. around here weather is a lot quieter but we have a chilly night ahead, i'll tell but a frost advisory for parts
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of the area and just how low temperatures will
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when you're a double-dipping like steve sweeney, it's important to maintain a certain... lifestyle. that's why sweeney spent over a hundred grand of his campaign funds on high-priced meals and other gifts. we're talking fine cigars, fancy watches, pricey restaurants, and expensive wines - all to charm the type of folks who helped him raise your taxes 145 times. too many in south jersey are struggling. but steve sweeney's looking out for himself, not for us.
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well, ireland, rarely experiences storms, like the one it is dealing with today. >> opelia slammed in the island today with 100-mile an hour winds. >> it is one of the most powerful storms to hit ireland in more than 50 years, opelia is blamed for three deaths, hundreds of thousands of people are without power, 30- foot waves are battering the coast, flooding many areas winds are so powerful it was moving cranes at construction sites. that storm is expect to impact parts of the britain, tomorrow keep you updated on that for sure. kate joins us now with our forecast and we're out and about today. >> we are. mobile weather watcher is on the move today and you have to try to guess where it is. >> yes, guess, maybe, maybe it
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is my little boy's dream location, perhaps. it is, entirely made of legos, giraffe thaw will see here coming up, look at this as we zoom from the mobile weather watcher made of lego that is whole giraffe there at plymouth meeting mall home of the lego land discovery center one of the areas most popular attractions for kid of all age s, like i said my son's would be so excited if i were at lego land today. if i know anything about meteorologist lauren casey i know she's pretty excited to be there as well. they are creating a weather lego model this sound like it is right up your alley. >> oh, absolutely, yes, lego land i heard them in the mobil weather watchers up to plymouth meeting and check this out, i'm pretty impressed especially with mini landfill a, i got here at 7:00 a.m. and i built this entire city landscape myself but check this out it is so awesome, a look at this, we have got city hall, we have liberty one and
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two and deck out for halloween we have got some spooky cobwebs, and even has some weather features and some showers, sunshine overhead the city of philadelphia, but it is so intricate and so impressive there is even a subway system underneath and to talk more about this awesome landscape and we are bringing in the general manager of leg he land mike take already to tell us how many lego it takes to comprise this mini philadelphia. >> it took over a million and a half lego bricks. it took over eight different master model builders and took them six months to build this whole thing. just so you any cloud up here are only cloud we will see inside lego land discovery center in philadelphia it is always funny herey like that, good one, mike. that is a good one. we also have a cool event for halloween brick are treat, get it? and tell us about that. >> brick are treaties our kind of aspect, our flare on halloween. we have different kind of builds so you can build a pumpkin patch and add to it. build a spooky cat which you
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can get a treat at the exit. as we mentioned mini land here has spiders, pumpkins and different goats you can sianni kid just love to see this different aspect, you can see spooky cobwebs as well. >> awesome what do you think kid love most about lego land what do you energy most about the experience. >> it is everything, we have movie theaters, tracks ride, soft place for kid to run and get some energy out, we have mini landfill, teaches you about history and different lego, brick and build, it is playful learning. it is something to do with their parents by themselves and they have i great time. >> a lot of energy here. people want to find out more about brick are treat or leg he land where should they go. >> find out more at philadelphia dot lego land discovery >> thanks very much for taking time to chat today. of course, kate no philadelphia city landscape would be complete, without the art museum, without the steps, and, without a lego rocky.
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climbing to triumph, at the top of the steps, there, so cool there. >> yes. >> but this is really so impressive, but we will show you more coming up at 6:00. give you a tour of the spooky elements of lego land but we will work on some stuff and work on more mobile weather watcher, built out of legos and show you my amazing creation. i'm sure it will be really good coming up at 6:00. >> so exited to see that. i'll kind of mom that says hear let me try this and then like no, kid go away i will build this by myself. i'm exited to see what you come up with at 6:00. thanks very much. fun assignment today on the nice fall day, chilly outside great day to get out and about and weather watcher or in bethlehem looking at the green it is still green but we are starting to see fall color appear. bethlehem about to peak in the fall foliage realm as we get through next couple weeks. beautiful afternoon here lots of sunshine, few more cloud in the poconos and take you up to pleasant valley high school in broad head villain included are in place. this is as a result of the
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cold air aloft, so much cool air moved in today that the included do like to bubble up. we have been in and out all day and cold front well off the coast but lingering included along that front still pushing south ande across the area more sunshine to the northwest, few more cloud to the southe and all and all we are seeing very quiet conditions, moving into our region for the next couple of days. now that the sun has return, it is going to be with us for a very extended stretch as i will show you in the seven day mount pocono is 47 degrees, outside, it is 59 here in philadelphia. fifty-nine in reading. sixty in lancaster right now. fifty-seven in wildwood. far cry from the weekend now. of course yesterday wasn't quite as warm as we anticipated thanks to the cloud that never wanted to break but today at 2:00 a.m. it is still 71 degrees. then cold front came through. by 3:00 p.m., 57. 14-degree drop. 2:00a myth is one of the coldest parts and 3:00 p.m. when we hit our daytime high.
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today we will flip it around backward and temperatures have taken a temple in the wake of that front. so today's high will likely get down in the record books as 71 degrees. even though if you have been outside it does not feel like the 70's. we have a frost advisory from north and western suburbs, also in interior south jersey, for tonight, 4:00 a.m. to 9:00 l air and that is mainly far north and western suburbs and of course in the pine barons, area central and rural new jersey where temperatures do tend to drop more, frost advisory tonight. high pressure will dominate our pattern for next few days we have a big area of high pressure centered over our region and will slowly warm us up. high drifts further east, each day and we will tap into more warmth each day, all week, it is sun which low humidity but temperatures will start to gradually warm from tomorrow through the weekend. overnight clear, chilly frost is possible for the north. western chester montgomery counties, upper bucks county in the frost advisory until 9:00 a.m.
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if you have plans outside you are not ready to let go cover them up. tomorrow lots of sunshine cool , crisp at 61 degrees for the high, normal high is 67 but look at this seven day forecast. does it get much better then this seven day. i don't think it does. seventy's with sunshine, wednesday, right through the weekend, and beautiful weather , and every day, forever, amazing. >> it looks like it will last forever. >> get a ahh. >> amen. >> yes. >> thanks, kate, appreciate it still ahead on "eyewitness news" in store custom made sneakers, using a microwave. >> we will show thaw coming up at 5:30. you go on some hey ride and you get scared but there is one hey ride in mullica where you get even, coming up we will tell you where you can board for a fee. look eagles are tied for best record in football so is the road to the super bowl go through south philadelphia. we will tell you what the odd maker thinks and eagles fans know carson wentz is the real
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deal and now the nation is noticing. we will tell you how number 11 is now number one.
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just give you a update on breaking knew tree trimming truck and tractor trailer collided on 495 in new port, delaware in the southbound lanes near the route 141 exit, and that is close to where 495 merges back with i-95, all lanes are closed southbound and traffic is, backed up. the ramp to 295 eastbound is also closed, we're told there are reports of the injuries but it is unclear how serious at the moment. if you are waiting for someone to get home from this area they could be a while. if you are thinking of heading that way in the near future, you may want to, as you can see, find another route. well, joining us now leslie van arsdal and talking, and, for those, weren't sold on carson i'm sure they are
5:25 pm
now. >> cleveland browns may have buyers remorse they had second pick in the 2016 draft and traded to the eagles, with that, the eagles took carson wentz. cleveland selected wide receiver corry column man. brown's record over last two seasons is one-21. eagles 12-10. and eagles quarterback carson wentz, had the top selling jersey in the nfl according to dick's sporting goods. that pull as head of cowboys quarterback dak prescott. eagleses have third overall best selling jersey behind patriots and cowboys. wentz jersey and t-shirts are top sellers on and in their stores. another reason why carson is popular, with fans, and teammates is on third any carson ran the ball, tried to get through panthers, defender with his throwing shoulder. he could have really hurt himself but he didn't seem to care. >> when i look at at game and talk about character that showed it right there the guy gets smack, early, often in
5:26 pm
the beginning of the game. never waivers in confidence or composure abe never wavered, i think that just speaks volume about how we feel about him and how he feels about it. >> and the odd makers, paying attention to the bird, success , eagles tied with the chiefs for the third shortest odd to win super bowl trailing patriots and steelers. last week eagles odd 16 to one moving on up. polls are open for friday football frenzy game of the week, here are your choices. we have springfield and garnett veil. williamstown at shawne, coatsville at downingtowne. and go to cbs frenzy to vote and we will see the big winner wednesday night. >> um-hmm, frenzy will be here before we know it. eagles frenzy happening. flyers frenzy, sixers. >> what about a sports frenzy. >> thanks, leslie appreciate it. coming up next, rebuilding their lives, they were juveniles when they went to prison. now they are trying to fit in with society as adults. now we're there as they graduate from very special program. eyewitnesses say, how this
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shook and the air smelled of burning rubber when an oil rig exploded, now the surf's on for a missing worker. more fall out from the harvey weinstein scandal the latest on his company and big changes, that appear to be ahead. we will be right it's been on the decline with the closing of the refineries and there's no jobs in the community. if there's no jobs, there's no education, there's no food on the table. what's important is the children. steve sweeney... he fought for 'em. this is where he's from.
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steve sweeney's been here since the beginning. steve spearheaded the whole project and really brought it to fruition. it would've never been done without steve. it was a pride in building this port and then knowing that we're coming back.
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fire fighter battling wild fires in california history say they are finally turning a corner. >> smoke has started to clear in some wild fire ravage parts of the northern california, evacuation order are now slowly being lifted in areas of napa county. there is relief for those whose homes were spared, but many others are left searching for anything, that wasn't
5:31 pm
incinerated. still optimism is growing for fire fighters as they continue to extinguish the flames. >> we're turning the corner, we are seeing those containment levels coming up, things feel good in our gut as fire fighters. >> despite the progress made fire officials are reporting that a fire fighter died earlier today, on the front lines after his water tanker truck, rolled over. officials say that he was heading down the steep road in the oak hill community. the death toll for the fires has now climbed, to at lee 40 people. and in spain wild fires claimed lives of the three people, two of whom were trapped in the car, as the fire blazed all around them. officials say 130 different fires are burning in the northwestern part of the country. at least 17 of these fires are close to residential communities causing the evacuation of thousands of people. light rainfall earlier today has helped dampen the intensity of the flames. one worker is still missing after an oil rig explosion in louisiana. this happened last night on
5:32 pm
lake pontchartrain near new orleans. blast sent seven people to the hospital, at least three of them remain in critical condition. officials say that workers were using chemicals to clean the platform when it blew up. impact was felt miles away. >> runningard the house trying to figure out if something blew up at the house. then we looked out windows and realized it was there. >> platform is used to store and transfer oil, officials are checking to make sure that the explosion did not cause any environmental impact. the weinstein company mired in the sex scandal may be putting itself up for sale. company announced it was in negotiations. co found are harvey weinstein was fired from the company last week. following allegations of sexual harassment and assault. more than 40 women have accused the movie mowing up of second you'll misconduct. also today the producers guild announced plans to term national weinstein from their organization. army sergeant beau bergdahl pled guilty to deserting his powe and
5:33 pm
endangering his cam rod, bergdahl who was captured a held by the taliban for five years after leaving his post entered a plea in court bringing his highly publicized case close tore an even. the charges could put him behind bars for the rest of his life, his punishment will be decided by a military judge , later this movement. well, they were known as juvenile lifers, teens, once sentenced to mandatory life, without parole, with you today , they were given a fresh start. >> "eyewitness news" reporter cherri gregg explains how a special program, helps theme people along with other ex- offender find a second chance at life. >> today is a good day. >> good day. >> wonderful day, it is fantastic day. >> reporter: collette carrington is first woman juvenile life inner pennsylvania to be released from prison. today she's one of the 29 graduates, she will start a job at brown shop rite after doing 40 years, of a mandatory life sentence. >> i kept saying, to me, paule tte you will be free. >> reporter: she was a 17
5:34 pm
year-old moth when she stabbed her father's girlfriend's son. she said she had been abused and blacked out when the stabbing occurred and it took her sometime to comprehend what she had done. >> i knew i did something, i knew i was arrested but i was in shock. >> reporter: four decade on the inside changed her. she who her own son to violence while she was locked away. >> my mind set is not like it was when i was 16. >> reporter: she walked out a prison april 1st of this year and spent six weeks here at uplift work force solutions program, a partnership between e nan tabernacle church and brown's shop rite. >> first four weeks it is really meant for them to look at themselves. >> reporter: mr. bostic runs a program that guaranties a job for all of the graduates, 40 percent get promoted in six weeks. for courtney boyd a juvenile life shore did 36 years the challenge is technology but he is up for it. >> i was up for overcoming a life sentence without the possibility of parole.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: for carrington and others this program is a new life. so what are your plans right now. >> i will be a cashier but, hopefully i won't stay here because, i want to work in bakery and thinking about taking culinary arts. >> reporter: first day of a fantastic day, to begin. cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and still to come on "eyewitness news", rent, fashionable clothes thaw will wear every day. plus older children can tell if you they are having vision problems but how dawn tell if younger kid cannot see very well. we will tell you signs to look for in less than 10 minutes. also singer ed sheeran is in an accident, and that may affect his concert tour, details in the hot minute with bex when we come right back, kate? let's talk about the weekend even though it is still a long way away we have got a super fall week toned look forward to, good deal of sunshine as it looks right now highs will be in the zero seven ease both saturday and
5:36 pm
sunday so we are starting this week on the chilly note but chillies not going to stick around in the weekend we will be back above average, but not too hot, and not too cool just a perfect fall weekend as things stand right now, we will keep you
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well, it is getting cheaper to look like you have stepped right off a catwalk. >> high end on line clothing service rent the runway ace everything/less expensive option. for $89 a month customers can rent up to four every day wardrobe items like coats, dresses, handbags. company is experimenting with a lower priced point to see if more woman are willing to wrote instead of buying. something new is, coming in custom sneakers. asix will put special microwave ovens in stores, so customers can bake the sole of their new shoes.
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customers will... customers can customized fit, color in just seconds. process using special pellets that will be baked in store and the company says it is a little more earth friendly then traditional custom shoe manufacturing. so there you have it. >> that is cool. i'm not even a fan of those restaurants where you cook your own food so aim definitely not in the sneakers where you have to make them to buy them. >> we have come a long way. >> each their own. >> days of pf flyers and keds. >> yes, they still have keds. >> bobos. >> i remember those, yeah, just the white. >> now we have microwave bobos >> that is true. >> easy ways to spot your children are having issues. >> stephanie stahl will show us, com
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it required corrective surgery it was scary. its was definitely scare. >> since then payton has been getting annual comprehensive eye exams, that go far beyond the simple eye chart test at school or in a pediatrician's office. >> if the kid cannot read far away that is the usually pass the eye test but when it comes to reading it close they might have difficultity that might
5:45 pm
be detect but word might look like they swim around on the page. >> reporter: recent study published from jama ophthalmology find more than 174,000 preschoolers, of, impairment and the problem is growing. >> every child should have an eye exam, and the association, from six months to get the first exam. it is now become just one of those yearly, examinations. rather then, waiting for a problem, it is now part of our , every year routine. >> reporter: payton has not had any issues since her surgery. >> i need to get glasses because i don't want them. >> reporter: now she's focusing on second grade. and no glasses for her. eye doctors say parents notice kid are holding a book too close, squinting or rubbing their eyes a lot those may be signs of an eye problem that should get checked out. also, today at children's hospital of philadelphia the 20th anniversary celebration of the community asthma prevention program known as cap. asthma effects one in four children in west philadelphia
5:46 pm
doctors say since the cap program started, there has been a, 30 to 50 percent drop in emergency visits from children with asthma. it is all about educating parents on how to manage the respiratory december order. >> it is like, life with asthma, as i mentioned if you know triggers, things that start your attack and if you necessity thousand watch out forewarning signs, if you catch them early, follow your care plan, take the right medicine, you can live with asthma. >> and experts say that the most common triggers for asthma include tobacco smoke, mold, and dust, and children with asthma which is very common also have a higher risk for allergies. parents need to be on top of it. >> good to know. >> eye stuff too, very interesting. >> and glasses are cool. >> yes. >> yes. >> thanks, stephanie. if you need something to make your monday even better, listen to this panda babies every where. these 36 pandas recently made their, debut in china this little cubs, 36 of them, they
5:47 pm
come at a china conservation and research center and they were all born this year. it is largest number of births in a single year since the breeding program began. >> you know we have to say it. >> go ahead. >> it looks like and moan yum. >> difficult not come up with that i just read it. >> good stuff. >> yes. >> she's here all week. >> indeed. >> all right. >> speaking of all week it is looking good. >> it is looking beautiful all week long talking in the news room, what is going on with the weather, sunny forever. forever and ever and ever. >> yes. >> start off chilly, warming up nicely but sunnies constant right through weekend. we had a great stretch this past weekend turnout pretty cloudy both days. we had a few breaks of sun here and there but if you are looking for sunshine you will get your fill this week every single day looks sunny and beautiful. lets start off with a look outside right now and see how things are shaking up. lets go out to parkway central
5:48 pm
library looking toward the sky as sun begins to go down these days getting shorter and shorter. we are half an hour way from sunset we will bring you a nice shot of that in the 6:00 o'clock hour. tune in for. that beautiful evening just a lit built on the cool side, one of the first day this year thaw step outside and say man, i should go back inside and grab a jacket because it feels coal. tomorrow morning staying with the kid at the bus stop or heading outdoor to work it will be a chilly start to your tuesday. temperatures, right now lower than we have seen in quite sometime on weather watcher map. we are looking at 50's all across the map. running down the list of temperatures 50's from ed's house in chesterfield, new jersey. kennett in willingboro at 54. chill there i. kiss dover is at saint david at 58. phil in north wales at 57. joseph craney in orland at 58 degrees. and, it is from wayne, showing us the mums in full bloom, looking like fall outline a love this shot from phil. look at this beautiful at cape may point yesterday what a
5:49 pm
beautiful shot of the majestic creature there. i'm sure hees enjoying that day today. lets look at our live neighborhood network sites. tracking sunset on our palmyra cove camera. sun beginning to set. now is clearer then it has been most of the day, now that the cloud drifted out, this sunnies shining, it is a really beautiful looking evening. over the city of philadelphia. and you can see where the front is, showers that came through last night are out to sea. cloud, finally thinning and we are seeing high pressure really take control, lots of sunshine expected through the next several days, and it will be with us like i said right through rest of the week. now that the sunnies back after that cloudy weekend we had expect to see it, for quite sometime. fifty-nine right now in philadelphia, as we widen out, we will see still milder to the south but fall has settled in, even across the southe and by friendness atlanta saying it is finally feeling like it is fall like day with temperatures in the 60's, warming up here across the central plains, we have temperatures back in the 70's, bismarck and billings, and, we have it heading our way gradually through the end of
5:50 pm
the week. future temperatures, by tonight 11:00 o'clock we will be on the air temperatures will be dropping in the 40's in many spots. tomorrow morning when we wake up, you can see 30's, mid 30's in the north and western suburbs that is why that frost advisory is in effect. it takes mid 30's, for it to form. tomorrow our daytime highs in the 50's or lower 60's tomorrow night not quite as chill. wheat bol om out every where. frost advisory north and western suburbs, upper bucks, montgomery, western chester county on northward and also, interior south jersey, especially the rural areas and farmland where temperatures tend to drop faster. and then a gradual warm up through the rest of the week as we head back to the mid zero seven's by friday, and saturday, and, above average, and, not tonight, and not tomorrow, that is for sure. tonight we will drop down to 42 degrees, in philadelphia, clear and chilly, with that frost possible to the north best, and you're witness weather seven day forecast look at all that sunshine today right through next monday, and, sunny and warming up, gradually, into, and, and, that looks good.
5:51 pm
>> kate, thank you. celebrities, showed up, and, stars shine at weekend concert and tell-a-thon raising 30 million-dollar for hurricane victims. >> meanwhile ed sheeran is recovering from injuries after getting struck by a car while riding his bike. bex from our sister station 96.5 has those stories and more in today's hot minute. >> thanks, ukee and nicole. we are kick off with one voice , benefit concert and tell a then for disaster relief. jennifer lopez led charge pitting on a star studded event over the weekend which has raised more than 30 million-dollar, to benefit, the victims of the devastating hurricanes, and the stars, showed up like heidi klum and selena gomez hold down phones while demi loaved owe and bruno mars hit the stage. bruno performed his new song just the way you are in spanish to pay tribute to puerto rico. ♪ >> on to ed sheeran the singer
5:52 pm
revealing he was injured in a bicycle accident, after reportedly, being struck by a car. thankfully ed seems to be doing fine sharing this photo on his instagram account with the caption quote waiting for medical advice, which could affect some of my upcoming shows, that was amazing it was his biggest concern is giving back on stage, and lucky for us, did he perform in philadelphia a few weeks ago and will be here again for a stadium tour, in 2018. and finally, this is amazing, cold play's front man chris martin performed at the eighth annual anbar charity gala in l.a. to honor julia roberts who accepted at ward of courage. martin serenaded julia debuting a brand new song, called that that that is julia roberts smile. he is released this song. that is your hot minute i'm be x from today's 96.5. all right. it is finally feeling like fall and that means fun, fall activities, all throughout the
5:53 pm
area. >> farms are grazed with fall and halloween activities, right, torey. >> absolutely. tis season forgetting scared but what about getting even. coming up i'll show you place where you can take on, zombies with the paint ball gun, yes, this is real and you'll want to do it stay with
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
awwwwww...... yummmm... denny's new holiday pancakes are delicious.
5:56 pm
you guys can have some if you want. order now at denny' we are a live in mullica. >> tori we hear you fought off zombie, the apocalypse is real , um. >> reporter: it is real, ukee and nicole. this is where it goes down it is a take down zombie take down, that is right, we're at creamy acres farm in mullica, and the transition, from, sum inner to fall, it is creamy,
5:57 pm
into creepy. we're the whole plans transforms and you get to put your finger on the trigger of the paint ball gun and take down some zombies, lets take a look. come on into creamy acres. and, stay for a night of terror. it is the ultimate experience of soup and scare in mullica. where you can take your pick of how you want to be terrified. >> we have six haunted attractions, and, on the six haunt add trackses we have our hey ride, zombie mayhem, our m aze, head hunters, and slaughter cage. >> reporter: if you too scared to be scared, you and the whole family can take aim at zombies. putting you on the other side of fear. >> zombie paint ball, which is something different then any
5:58 pm
other kind of haunt, you actually get out there and armed with paint ball guns, your own safe side though because unless you don't shoot them they will come get you. you shoot at them the whole time, more you shoot at them slower they come at you, if you want to get practice before you get out there so they don't attack you, we have the shooting gallery to get your practice on. >> i would like to keep my face from being mauled off by a zombie so can i take it a shot. >> sure. >> did you see that. >> yes. >> he dropped it. >> it is bad to love this so much. >> nailed it. >> now lets hit the road to rip paint ball to zombies and get revenge. >> creamy achers from a zombie attack. >> this is who you want to get and let me tell you, ukee and nicole it is so addict. i had went paint balling before so before this story i
5:59 pm
said what willie wear? willie get hurt, wealths, bruces, they put you on the best side on the side of the paint ball gun where you shoot everything else. if you want to come by and do it, would i highly suggest coming because it is super fun for the whole family and great for people don't want to, get super scared in the haunted house like i did. but before people who want to reverse scare during this halloween season. i mean what opportunity do you have, or when do you have an opportunity to take down zombies. >> yes. >> in real life. >> i think tori was a little bit scared. >> she was. >> thanks, that looks like fun >> a little scared. >> keep in mind thinks only going on, on thursday, friday, and saturday, so get here this weekend and check it out. super fun you can those clowns i don't like clowns. i'm in the dealing with. that thanks, tori. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00. >> a 14 year-old goes missing in burlington county, in florence township where police
6:00 pm
are still actively searching for her where tips say she may be. and, stunned response from neighbors. big update from parents and students at a shuttered philadelphia school when children will be headed back to class after, mold was discovered in the building, kate. a difference today fall has finally return and some areas under a frost advisory, tonight, i'll tell you which spots could wake up tomorrow to temperatures in the mid 30 's, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. here's is what happening, police in new jersey still trying to track down a missing teenager last seen, saturday night. tonight, one man is facing charges and police are using tips to try to find a 14


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